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December 6, 2017 Stacey Robinson 2 comments

Happy Hump Day Loves,

We are midway through the week and guess what, I’m totally ready for Santa, and all the festivities associated with Christmas! ‘‘Tis the season for Christmas parties, time with family and lots of picture taking.  So Iet me share with you all a very elegant look that’s just perfect for this season!  This blush satiny bar back shift dress was a easy choice for me on my weekly run to Versona!  I love how easy it is shopping at Versona! Perfect customer service, perfect selection choices and leaving with the perfect outfit!  I paired this beautiful dress with a pair of velvet leopard boots, metallic box clutch lined with leopard print and the popular layered tassel earrings.  Honestly, at first I wasn’t in love with this dress on the rack but I liked it enough to try it on and BAM 💥 the magic began!  There’s  something about a fit flare dress that speaks elegance to me!  This dress was so comfortable and cozy.  Having the double lining really kept me warm and helped with backside poses too if you know what I mean LOL!  Hope you guys enjoyed my look and thanks for stopping by! Drop me a comment and let me know your thoughts?  Oh and don’t forget to be kind and helpful to others! xo Stace

Something bout that side pose that’s 🙌🏽😂.

When your photographer is fourteen everything is funny! We fussed the entire time!

The back of this dress is so sexy to me!  I should’ve just walked backwards all day. 

These layered tassel earrings are so trendy right now! You can find these at Versona! See link below.

Sitting right here just waiting on Santa! I need to give him my list too! What? Y’all know I want the iPhone X.

So these velvet leopard boots though. 🙌🏽

When you’re grateful everyday! 🙌🏽 And by the way, I love me some trees!

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You can easily rock this look with a pair of black heels and the below clutch.


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Hello Loves,

SHIRTING has long been the backbone of my wardrobe for years!  This extension of the dress shirt is trendy and chic and has the power to take you everywhere from the office to after-work drinks and all with the ease of it looking like something from fashion week!  On that note check out how I paired this look with my favorite floral shirt dress and these adorable winter white pointed toe booties, topped with a hat!

Finish your going-out looks with these sharp, sexy pointed toe booties built on a slender heel for serious wow appeal.

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Hello Loves,

So I hear Refinery 29 picked this jumpsuit as a favorite this season!  Well I can tell you why!  This velvet sexy plunging neckine with the back open jumpsuit is bomb!  I love the straight hem and the slight relaxed fit which makes this jumpsuit even sexier.  I added this sheer pink tee from Express to show you all how easy it is to layer any look!  If you are not layering and rocking velvet this season you are way behind.  Express has this jumpsuit on sale for 50% off online only, so I hope you guys took advantage of the sales yesterday.  I ordered a few party dresses so now all I need is an invite hint hint.  So let’s get to a few pictures, well a lil more than a few LOL.  Thanks for stopping by and I hope you enjoyed my look.  xoStacey–oh don’t forget to be kind and helpful to others.

Did someone call my name???  Paranoid after shopping too much on Black Friday and cyber Monday! Don’t laugh!

This jumpsuit is so comfortable and cozy! So if you are out partying and decide to drop it like it’s hot, it’s ok nothing will rip trust me on this!

Giving face ain’t easy lol 😘 See you all next week!

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November 26, 2017 Stacey Robinson 2 comments

Hello Loves!

First let me start by saying Happy Thanksgiving! I pray everyone had a wonderful Holiday! I’m pretty excited about all theses fall/winter trends right now.  There are so many irresistible pieces to choose from but for this blog I went with this adorable cape look!

This oversized purse (similar) from Versona is just perfect with this outfit! I added a hat since I’m totally obsessed with them anyways and not to mention it was a pretty windy day.

I paired this cape (instore only at Versona) with the perfect black lil rhinestone ankle boots and express jeans (old) to complete this look.

Look back at it 😍😍😍this cape is bomb!  Add a black pair of leather leggings to spice your look up.

If you see me in the streets….some will get this others won’t.

My favorite earrings! I know I say this all the time but I love blogging for Versona! xo 😘 thank you for stopping by. Don’t forget to be kind and helpful to others.

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Greetings Loves,

Oh wow did you guys realize that Christmas is just right around the corner!  So here’s a question for you. What do the lonely do at Christmas? They head out to a Christmas party looking dope!  So here let me help you with a quick and easy look to pull off at your next Christmas party! If you love black, lace, velvet and a jumpsuit you are done!  Find the perfect accessories, a cute clutch, the perfect heels and be on your way.  Anyways don’t forget to pick me up!  Thanks for stopping by!  Oh don’t forget to be kind and helpful to others!  xo Stace

Spice up your outfit with a hat! It’s so easy!

So in love with the back of this jumpsuit!

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Happy Hump Day Loves,

So let’s talk trend! Lately ruffles have been added to everything from tops to denim and socks and everything in-between. There’s something about ruffle pants that screams hey look at me, I’m stylish! LOL! While online shopping, I saw kyrzscloset was having a 50% off sale, making the decision for me to purchase these adorable side ruffle brushed pink pants easy! While ruffle pants could easily be dressed up with pumps and a blazer for work, I decided to style mine on the edgy side with a floral denim jacket topped with a hat! By changing layers, I dressed these pants up for a more sophisticated, elegant look. Words cannot express how I feel about Versona! They have the perfect accessories and layering options for any outfit! Hope you guys enjoyed my look!
Oh don’t forget to be kind and helpful to others. Also please pray for one of my favorite bloggers, Kyrzayda, she has stomach cancer but we know the God we serve is so awesome!  xo Stace 😘 see you Friday and thanks for stopping by!

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November 6, 2017 Stacey Robinson

Happy Monday Loves!!

I hope you guys are off to a good week!  So as always my weekly visit to Target turned into another Targetmademedoit episode!  Stop laughing but really when I saw these spectacular side snap crop trousers, I had to have them! Yes, I took the only size xs off the  manikin but I did re-dress “her” in a size small.  Don’t act like you haven’t done this before, now I’m laughing because it was really a struggle!  I love the Who What Wear collection at Target!  You can style these trousers anyway you like, with the traditional jean look or dress them up with a kimono like I did.  Adding a kimono allows you to spice up your work wear, which I love not being so traditional!  Hey, did you know that the kimono is a traditional Japanese garment. The word “kimono” actually means a “thing to wear”, and I wore it well LOL! Thank you for stopping by xo Stace

Oh let’s not forget to always be kind to others, and keep smiling because you are beautiful!

This handbag and these textured metallic midi gold boots are ridiculously bomb!

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October 30, 2017 Stacey Robinson

Hello ladies and gents!

Hope you guys had a great weekend!  I went to the Magic City Classic in Birmingham, Alabama and had a blast! So lets get into what I wore Classic weekend! Yes, I wore a beautiful blue puff sleeve pencil dress!  I ditched the thought of basic black and opt in for a bold blue! Of course all of you fashion heroes already know that bold colored velvet is making its perseverance known this fall season!  When I saw this dress on Shein’s website I knew it would be perfect for Classic weekend and I had to have it!  I simply paired this dress with a pair of black OTK boots and I was done.  As always keeping it chic, simple and affordable.  Thank you for stopping by and I hope you enjoyed my look! xo Stace

Remember to always be kind and helpful to others!

I grew up in Daphne, Alabama and I love me some trees!

The wind was not being nice as you can see by the expression on my face!

Big thanks to Starbucks for keeping me warm during my shoot! I love pumpkin spice latte all day!

When my photographer, my mini me who’s soon to be fourteen decides to let me know that my shadow is sexier than me! Done!

Rogue Tavern, Kid Capri Classic House Party was lit!

October 25, 2017 Stacey Robinson

Happy Hump Day!

Out with the sweatshirts and in with the cardigans.  I just love being trendy!  When I saw this beautiful yellow mustard color cardigan in Versona I knew it would be perfect for today’s post!  There are plenty of cardigan styling ideas on the runway, but the first order of business is having the right cardigan in your wardrobe baby.  I really like being both stylish and comfortable, as you can see I think I covered that LOL!  WAIT WHAT did I just toot my own horn?  I did, I’m sure I did LOL!  Cardigans are perfect for layering during this time of the year!  I’m always multitasking, so being able to change quickly without messing up my makeup and hairdo is a plus!  You can street wear your cardigan or dress it up for work wear.  Versatility is key to a fashionable wardrobe! Take a look and let me know your thoughts! Thanks for stopping by! Oh and remember to always be kind to others!

xo Stace

I’m so in love with this clutch! You will see it often I promise!

Don’t laugh at my side eye look! Making sure Pete the Alliogator don’t show up!

Still celebrating this birthday y’all!

If you keep your head up all the time you might miss the jewels beneath you~me



October 24, 2017 Stacey Robinson

Happy Monday Lovers!

I am so thankful, grateful, happy, humble and blessed to see another healthy year of life!  I take nothing for GRANTED! I started blogging a little late in the ball game but I think I’m surviving. This is totally my element!  Nothing feels better than turning another year older and being totally happy with where I am in life!  So with that being said Happy Birthday to me!!!! I am forty-three and loving every minute of it! I can still do all of the things I use to do back in the day, including killing a quick set! I love me some volleyball (insert  screams go Stacey)!  Enough about me lets talk about this amazing outfit!  I wanted to be extra for my birthday so I went with this ridiculously sexy straight-cut glittery open back dress. Honestly I was  a little hesitant about the heavy padded shoulders but overall I think I did an awesome job!  Let me know what you think! Hey y’all classic weekend is coming up so lets pretend you didn’t see this fit LOL!  Thanks for stopping by!  Drop me a comment and let me know your thoughts and don’t forget to always be kind to others xo Stace

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