Camo Utility Jacket

October 16, 2017 Stacey Robinson

Happy Monday Lovers!

Lets gossip a lil bit about fashion!  So I hear the camo jacket will add a tough-girl look to anything in your closet from skirts and dresses to high waist jeans and crop tops.  Shhh….let this be our little secret!  Funny story, I had someone tell me that only southern bloggers would wear/encourage a camouflage jacket!  She also stated that camouflage is only for the woods!  Insert loud laughter here with tears rolling down your face and don’t forget to bend over and hold your belly when you laugh. I’m loving this look!  I struggled and tried so hard not to wear my favorite go-to black heels but I had to show a lil more skin. ?  Thank you for stopping by; hope you guys enjoyed the look xo Stace

Don’t forget to be helpful to others and keep #GOD1st!

I’m wearing:

Camo utility jacket

Halloween jewelry


Steve Madden heels (old) fav

Tank top BR (old)

Express jeans