Cardigan Trend

October 25, 2017 Stacey Robinson

Happy Hump Day!

Out with the sweatshirts and in with the cardigans.  I just love being trendy!  When I saw this beautiful yellow mustard color cardigan in Versona I knew it would be perfect for today’s post!  There are plenty of cardigan styling ideas on the runway, but the first order of business is having the right cardigan in your wardrobe baby.  I really like being both stylish and comfortable, as you can see I think I covered that LOL!  WAIT WHAT did I just toot my own horn?  I did, I’m sure I did LOL!  Cardigans are perfect for layering during this time of the year!  I’m always multitasking, so being able to change quickly without messing up my makeup and hairdo is a plus!  You can street wear your cardigan or dress it up for work wear.  Versatility is key to a fashionable wardrobe! Take a look and let me know your thoughts! Thanks for stopping by! Oh and remember to always be kind to others!

xo Stace

I’m so in love with this clutch! You will see it often I promise!

Don’t laugh at my side eye look! Making sure Pete the Alliogator don’t show up!

Still celebrating this birthday y’all!

If you keep your head up all the time you might miss the jewels beneath you~me