Fall-in-love girlfriend jeans

October 11, 2017 Stacey Robinson


Happy Hump Day! 

I’m so in love with Fall, oh let me count the ways lol. I love backpacks, velvet flats, girlfriend jeans, blazers, booties and more!  I also love being comfortable and confident in what I wear!  I’ve seen many bloggers show a lot of skin for ten or maybe twenty likes at most. There’s a common misconception that showing more skin is equal to being sexy.  NOT in my book but by all means don’t think I won’t show a lil skin if that’s my current vibe.  If you feel sexy, then you’ll look sexy. If you don’t feel sexy, that will show as well. Confidence is one of the sexiest ways to spice up your outfit, so own it! Pair your sexy new clothing with a confident attitude, and your sex appeal will be undeniable! So now lets kickoff this outfit!


I’m wearing:

faux leather backpack 


buckle back booties 

girlfriend jeans