Graphic Tee Lovers

August 15, 2017 Stacey Robinson

Today’s look is about one of my favorite fads the graphic tees. Graphic T-shirts are versatile and very comfortable AND if you ask me a must have for anyone’s closet. Usually it is the first thing we grab for on an off day, but a graphic tee works just as well paired with a leather jacket and a nice pair of heels!  I like incorporating this comfortable tee into a sophisticated look because the graphic element adds a pop to any look.

After finding the perfect tee, Donald Duck with the fist, LOL I decided to spice my tee up. DIY off the shoulder creation was quick and easy.  My jeans are from Banana Republic and the handbag Brahmin, heels Nine West.  Hope you guys enjoy this look …Thanks for reading xo, SR






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