OTK Boots

October 24, 2017 Stacey Robinson

Happy Monday Lovers!

I am so thankful, grateful, happy, humble and blessed to see another healthy year of life!  I take nothing for GRANTED! I started blogging a little late in the ball game but I think I’m surviving. This is totally my element!  Nothing feels better than turning another year older and being totally happy with where I am in life!  So with that being said Happy Birthday to me!!!! I am forty-three and loving every minute of it! I can still do all of the things I use to do back in the day, including killing a quick set! I love me some volleyball (insert  screams go Stacey)!  Enough about me lets talk about this amazing outfit!  I wanted to be extra for my birthday so I went with this ridiculously sexy straight-cut glittery open back dress. Honestly I was  a little hesitant about the heavy padded shoulders but overall I think I did an awesome job!  Let me know what you think! Hey y’all classic weekend is coming up so lets pretend you didn’t see this fit LOL!  Thanks for stopping by!  Drop me a comment and let me know your thoughts and don’t forget to always be kind to others xo Stace

I’m wearing: ||OTK Boots Versona||Jewelry||Clutch similar||Dress H&M||