October 16, 2017 Stacey Robinson

Happy Monday Lovers!

Lets gossip a lil bit about fashion!  So I hear the camo jacket will add a tough-girl look to anything in your closet from skirts and dresses to high waist jeans and crop tops.  Shhh….let this be our little secret!  Funny story, I had someone tell me that only southern bloggers would wear/encourage a camouflage jacket!  She also stated that camouflage is only for the woods!  Insert loud laughter here with tears rolling down your face and don’t forget to bend over and hold your belly when you laugh. I’m loving this look!  I struggled and tried so hard not to wear my favorite go-to black heels but I had to show a lil more skin. ?  Thank you for stopping by; hope you guys enjoyed the look xo Stace

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I’m wearing:

Camo utility jacket

Halloween jewelry


Steve Madden heels (old) fav

Tank top BR (old)

Express jeans



October 11, 2017 Stacey Robinson


Happy Hump Day! 

I’m so in love with Fall, oh let me count the ways lol. I love backpacks, velvet flats, girlfriend jeans, blazers, booties and more!  I also love being comfortable and confident in what I wear!  I’ve seen many bloggers show a lot of skin for ten or maybe twenty likes at most. There’s a common misconception that showing more skin is equal to being sexy.  NOT in my book but by all means don’t think I won’t show a lil skin if that’s my current vibe.  If you feel sexy, then you’ll look sexy. If you don’t feel sexy, that will show as well. Confidence is one of the sexiest ways to spice up your outfit, so own it! Pair your sexy new clothing with a confident attitude, and your sex appeal will be undeniable! So now lets kickoff this outfit!


I’m wearing:

faux leather backpack 


buckle back booties 

girlfriend jeans



October 9, 2017 Stacey Robinson

Thank you Dazzleandplum for all the beautiful jewelry!  I am so in love the black & gold beaded statement earrings! I know my ASU followers will love these!

Happy Monday Everyone!

This rain has limited me to front door poses,  But anywho “When life throws you a rainy day, play in the puddles ~Pooh Bear” ☔️

xo thisandthatfashion ? Oh don’t forget to be kind and helpful to others!


Express jacket ||H&M sleeveless blouse|| H&M weave skirt|| Jessica Simpson pumps||


Gold Czech Bead Bracelet 

Black & Gold Beaded Statement Earrings

Triple Strand Beaded Bracelet

Ampersand Stamped Bracelet


October 6, 2017 Stacey Robinson

Happy Friday Everyone!

For look 3 I simply changed into this adorable top from H&M, paired with the Versona goto coated moto pants, Jessica Simpson pumps, targetmademedoit hangbag (similar) accessorized and  Bam ? a whole new look!

Hope you guys enjoyed Look 3 xo Stace

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October 4, 2017 Stacey Robinson


Happy Hump Day Everyone!


Look 2:

I accessorized this look with a stone bead necklace, matching earrings and an embellished faux leather bracelet with a pair of Carmody Jessica Simpson pumps.

Hope you guys enjoyed look 2 xo Stace

Keep smiling and always try to be helpful to others!

Deets: top and accessories Versona

Jessica Simpson Carmody pumps

Express jeans



October 2, 2017 Stacey Robinson

Hi Everyone!

Have you ever just felt comfortable in an outfit?  This look was so me!  Nothing extra just me and my likings!  So without further ado let’s jump right into this Look!  I’m loving these black coated moto pants from Versona.  Certainly a must have in your closet if you ask me!  Oh and this amazing top looks really fashionable with a pair of jeans as well.  I accessorized this look with a stone bead necklace, matching earrings and an embellished faux leather bracelet.  I couldn’t decide on a shoe but I think these sexy Carmody Jessica Simpson pumps look great with this outfit.

Hope you guys enjoyed my look xo Stace

Keep smiling and always try to be helpful to others! 

Deets: outfit and accessories  Versona

Jessica Simpson Carmody pumps


September 25, 2017 Stacey Robinson

Happy Monday,

For today’s blog post I decided to go with all my favorites to ensemble this look.  Fall is in and velvet is trending again.  I love this velvet biker jacket from Versona.  There are so many ways to wear this jacket. To dress this look down you can wear this jacket with jeans, DIY shorts or even add a tank top to change the look up a bit.  For those that know me you already know I’m not a matchy type of person. I love mixing different patterns together.  Y’all know stripes, floral, feathers all go together LOL. I think fashion should always correlate with your personality. This is totally me, intriguing, fun, AND trendy.  Hope you guys enjoyed my look xo Stace

Remember to always smile and be helpful to others.


Velvet biker jacket

floral embroidered wristlet

beaded feather hoop earrings

accessories Versona

notch stripes palazzo pants

Banana Republic shirt old

Michael Kors lace up bootie old

GB block party sandals


September 20, 2017 Stacey Robinson

Hello Lovers, 

Today’s post will be a brief one.  Let’s talk about when old clothes meet new clutch!  I love recreating and ensembling a new look! So lets jump right into this outfit.  I purchased the pants from BR a few years ago and the top from Express last month.  While I was browsing in Target as always (LOL), I stumbled upon the perfect floral foldover clutch!  Love at first sight! If you follow my blog you know I’m loving anything floral!  You can rock this clutch with any outfit, especially a pair of super flare bell bottom jeans!  I can’t wait to show off my targetmademedoit clutch next weekend on my girls trip to Atlanta! YAY! The world will be watching!  Thank you Target ? for making my blogging lifestyle easy!

Deets click below:









September 18, 2017 Stacey Robinson



Hello Lovers,

Today’s blog is all about my exciting collaboration with Versona.  I am obsessed with everything in this store so consider yourself warned. I actually had an outfit picked out for today’s post but needed a few accessories and wow Versona is the place to go.  Versona has a wonderful selection of accessories, which includes handbags, hats & hair items, scarfs, sunglasses, etc., you name it!  Oh, did I mentioned they just got in their fall selection of earrings. A huge selection, from rhinestones to tassels, feathers and lots more, including my selection the dangling tasseled ball earrings.  After browsing, I finally decided to go with a metallic look.  It’s fall, so I figured you can’t go wrong with floral and metallic.  Hope you guys enjoyed my look.  Be sure to check out my friends at Versona. See you guys next week, xo Stac

Deets: mini crossbody handbag// floral metallic bomber jacket//bracelet//lace shoulder shell top//clutch//tasseled ball earrings//sweatpants



September 11, 2017 Stacey Robinson
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Happy Monday

My first Fall post and I picked none other than a shade of green! I love the color green. It’s one of my favorite colors ???! Excuse my hair Irma and this wind invaded my photo shoot but no biggie it’s just hair right (insert smile).  I’ve enjoyed all the NYFW pics and if I had to pick one thing I like the most I would pick the Zara boots.  Youngatstyle and Kyrzayda both represented them well.

So now lets get into my Fall look:  

I’m wearing a pieced lace long sleeve blouse from Express, Michael Kors Kendra open toe boots (sold out Nordstrom) and a beautiful flare skirt by Free People (old), Kate Landry classic flap Clutch (similar) and lets not forget the Ray Ban sunglasses.

Hope you guys enjoyed my look xo Stace Remember to smile and always try to help others! Thanks for stopping by ?