The Floral Metallic Look

September 18, 2017 Stacey Robinson



Hello Lovers,

Today’s blog is all about my exciting collaboration with Versona.  I am obsessed with everything in this store so consider yourself warned. I actually had an outfit picked out for today’s post but needed a few accessories and wow Versona is the place to go.  Versona has a wonderful selection of accessories, which includes handbags, hats & hair items, scarfs, sunglasses, etc., you name it!  Oh, did I mentioned they just got in their fall selection of earrings. A huge selection, from rhinestones to tassels, feathers and lots more, including my selection the dangling tasseled ball earrings.  After browsing, I finally decided to go with a metallic look.  It’s fall, so I figured you can’t go wrong with floral and metallic.  Hope you guys enjoyed my look.  Be sure to check out my friends at Versona. See you guys next week, xo Stac

Deets: mini crossbody handbag// floral metallic bomber jacket//bracelet//lace shoulder shell top//clutch//tasseled ball earrings//sweatpants